Anglophile Annoymous

If you are a fan of all things traditionally English this is a blog for you. Its topics shall be varied from cuisine,authors history,legends,vintage television shows,movies, actors, musicians and, quite frankly, anything that I feel is worthy of a mention. I intend to update date at least once a week. But they will all have that one thing in common, they will be uniquely English. I was tempted to make it all things British…But there are others more qualified to write on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. and indeed are in great numbers on this wonderful thing known as the world wide web.

May of my posts will be culled from other, more successful blogs, that regrettably have ceased to be. I am also accepting guest bloggers- initially by invitation only. But if you have a creative notion for a thread feel feel to contact me.

As for me? I am Paul, a transplanted Englishman living the life of Riley in California for more years than I would care to admit here.

I do have a few books out and here is the link to my Amazon page.

Cheers, and the let the journey begin….



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